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About us


As a KTM exc-f 250 owner and years of riding the dirt and the road i allways spend a lot of money on all the accessories and equipment to my bike.

in 2012 i came up with an idea to have my own shop for dirt riders, i started it from the point of view of a rider and not a buissnes man, and since then i managed to bring the hotest accessories and equipment for all of u dirt riders and for myself.

i promise to bring u the best products out there in the best prices out there, if u find the same product chipper send me a messege and u will get it with the same price.

Each design we do is original and not available in any store out there.

We work together with PowerZone graphic studio for the best quallity decals.

for any further questions please send us a messege to our email or our facebook page!